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St Lucian born and raised on the island photographing "anything" from the age of 9, I left in 1979 to pursue a business degree at Arizona State University.After graduating, I moved with my wife to Los Angeles and worked in the banking industry in Downtown LA. An unplanned trip to Yosemite with a 1956 Rolleiflex ignited in me a desire to become a photographer and after seeing the work of Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell, my fate was sealed. Moved back to the island with my three year old daughter and my wife, who is from the Pacific Islands, and turned my hobby into a new career.
In 2008, with numerous awards, calenders and magazine covers to my credit, I embarked on a once in a lifetime project. This involved finding and photographing something on the island every day of the year which, as a group of 366 photographs, painted a picture of life as it really exists. After 15.000 photographs, a car accident, a bout of dengue fever, a broken camera and five broken lenses and no sponsor, I was able to complete the project. Published at Blurb:

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Rainbow on Birdrock- St Lucia.


Tropical Sunset 3- St Lucia


River and Sunrise- St Lucia


A year in the Life of St Lucia


Seed Pod-4- St Lucia


Peeling Bark- St Lucia.


Village of choiseul- St Lucia


Bench and Flowers- St Lucia.


Rainbow and Boats- St Lucia


Fishermen and Canoe- St Lucia


Wooden Boat- St Lucia


Waterfall- Micoud- St Lucia


Rainbow at Dawn- St Lucia


Sailing Ship- St Lucia


Tropical Sunset- 4- St Lucia


Micoud Coastline- St Lucia


Rodney Bay- St Lucia


View from Petit Piton- St Lucia


Laundry Drying- St Lucia.


Seed Pod-3- St Lucia


Louvet- St Lucia


Young Girl- St Lucia


Flamboyant Tree- St Lucia


Green Heron- St Lucia


Cattle Egret-2-St Lucia